Sewage Treatment Plants

Since 1989

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If you live away from mains services or are planning to build a new residential or commercial property that requires an efficient effluent system or sewage treatment system, this now needs to be compliant with the new General Building Rules 2015. See Reqirements. This specifies that any non-mains property must have a sewage treatment plant, rather than a traditional septic tank.

In a sewage treatment plant, the waste water goes through three chambers within the tank; solids and liquids separate, then the second stage airs the waste, encouraging the bacteria to work on the organic matter.

This results in waste that is 95% clean and ready for disposal. This treated waste can be discharged directly into a local watercourse, unlike with a septic tank.

Cox Construction can provide sewerage solutions for every situation. We installed our first sewage treatment plant in 1989, and since then have installed hundreds across East Anglia, replacing ageing septic tanks for many rural properties. We have the technical expertise to manage every aspect of the job, from navigating building regulations, electrical installation, excavation, and installing the plant itself.

We know that installation of a new sewage system can be very disruptive to your daily activities. That's why Cox Construction guarantees to work with your schedule, minimising disruption while ensuring that the installation is carried out on time.

We also offer Ground protection and turfing to minimise impact in the garden.