Domestic Sewage Treatment Systems

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In the United Kingdom, while the vast majority of the population relies on the main sewage system to manage waste disposal, approximately 5% of residences find themselves in rural locations that necessitate off-mains solutions. Among the available alternatives, such as septic tanks and cesspools, domestic sewage treatment plants often emerge as the most practical and widely favoured choice.

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of domestic sewage treatment plants is their adaptability. While septic tanks are relatively low-maintenance and cost-effective, they come with a significant limitation—they can only be used in conjunction with a soakaway system. Current legislation prohibits the discharge of septic tank effluents into natural water sources due to environmental concerns and the risk of pollution. Consequently, septic tanks are unsuitable for areas with impermeable ground that cannot accommodate a soakaway system.

In addition to adhering to environmental regulations, domestic sewage treatment plants offer long-term cost-efficiency. Although the initial installation costs may be higher, these systems generally require annual emptying because they accumulate minimal sludge thanks to their effective treatment processes. In contrast, other sewage systems often necessitate more frequent emptying, leading to escalating operational expenses.

Furthermore, domestic sewage treatment plants stand out as an environmentally responsible choice for managing sewage waste in rural settings. These systems do not release ammonia, which can harm local wildlife and ecosystems. Instead, they produce effluent that is nearly 95% clean and non-polluting. This environmentally friendly approach safeguards the natural habitat while efficiently treating sewage waste.

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